Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I had the honor of dropping a guest Video Set on Dj Revolution's New Online Mixshow, The Cut. The Cut features special guests & dj sets including Legends like 45 King, Crazy Toons (Madd Circle), Evidence (Dilated), Ed OG & Masta Ace, + Many More.

Growing up Rev was one of my main influences, including Rob One, Kool Dj Eq, Dj Premier, + countless others. I used to tape The WakeUp Show on cassette damn near every week & when I heard Revs scratching on Dilated's "Work The Angels" it Blew My Mind!

Being a Club Dj I have to play a lot of Pop Music & songs I dont necesarrily like (its a job, people). But sets like this are what keep me sane & allow me to stay true to my Dj roots & hip-hop background. I hope you like the sights & sounds. Next week I'll post my Interview w/ Rev. Enjoy.

DJ Steve1der part 1 from The Cut on Vimeo.

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