Friday, August 21, 2009

The Do-Over - Video Set

Last Sunday I had the honor of Djing, the best party in LA (imo), the Do-Over. I knew once I was booked I wanted to do a Video set to utilize all the video remixes me & my Sure/Shot partners, Dj Spider & Mr.Best, have been making. Here is a lil' cutdown I did of my set, I tried to use the best parts, both audio & visually. I had a great time & the crowd was with me from start to finish, billy joel to major lazer, peep the video & see for yourself.

Shouts out 2 Haycock, Strong, & Aloe for making it hapen. Dj Fashen, Waldo, Dj Spider /Mr.Best (for filming) & Nick Catchdubs (peep his reaction to his champion remix),Goldenchyld, Concise, & Even Ian (for playing dope sets....peep them HERE)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming Soon - Dj Steve1der Presents....Jazzy Jeff's "My Faves" - Video Mix

I've been working on my first 'Video Mix'. I decided to visualize Jazzy Jeff's "My Faves" Remix Album ( if you havent heard it, you can download for free HERE). I made videos for as many songs as I could, while creating a video mix, which is just like a mixtape but with visuals. Here are 2 Videos that I Made....

Jay-Z - Dirty Shoulders - Jazzy Jeff Remix

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell - Jazzy Jeff Remix

& here is the artwork...