Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've known about Miguel for a few years now. I remember hearing a Ne-Yo song titled "Hands Up" & Dj Spider telling me about this cat Miguel who wrote the song and did his Own Version . My first impression of Miguel was this guy must be dope if Ne-Yo is singing his songs. I had not heard any new material from Miguel for a while until I Dj'd with Adam 12 over the Summer & he dropped "All I Want Is You". Instantly, the track caught my ear. On some old Wu Tang R&B Mary N Mef Shit, I had to know who the artists was. Much to my happiness I found out it was Miguel (ft. JCole). Im Oficially a Fan.

So when a good DJ Friend of mine laced me with the Acapella, I knew a had to make something. Fortunately last week the "creative juices started flowing" (ayyyo) & I was able to make the remix. Enjoy.

Miguel - All I Want Is You (Steve1der Remix) by DJ STEVE1DER