Friday, June 4, 2010


Thursday night I had the experience of a lifetime when my good friend Dj Hem asked me to DJ with him @ Game 1 of the NBA Finals, at Hyde Lounge in Staples Center. This was my first time ever going to a Finals game, let alone Djing one, so I was beyond hyped to be there. This is of course Lakers vs Celtics, it gets no better.

I had to rep the Lakers w/ the Magic Johnson throwback & as we made our way to Hyde I had to stop & get a pic next to the epic Magic/Pat Riley painting:

We got to Hyde & needless to say it was packed. Hem is the resident Dj at Hyde & does all their events, from Lakers to Clippers to Kings to Grammys to Concerts, he is the man holding it down there. He told me this was one of the biggest events he'd ever Dj'd at Hyde & the energy was off the hook. Here is the view from Hyde:

Hem really held me down the whole night & made me feel like a VIP, which I am grateful for. He got on the decks at halftime, by which the Lakers had gained a solid lead, all laker fans were in good spirits. Hem has great taste in music & was playing dope songs by Classix, The Tweleves, & Sebastian Tellier. I may have been the only one to notice his song selection but it was great. Here's a pic of Hem "putting his hands up for LA":

In the second half, the Lakers proceeded to WHOOP THAT CELTIC ASS & dominate the game, easily winning game. Instantly as the buzzer sounds, Hyde turns into a night club, Flashing Lights On/Music Turnt Up! Hem held it down & let me spin for a while, we traded off a few songs each, drinking & having fun, celebrating the Lakers W. Here's a pic of empty Staples after the game:

One of the illest parts of the night was going down to the Court & taking a picture on it. Peep the Finals logo! Classic.

Huge Thx to DJ Hem. Also, cant 4get to give a big shout out to my boy Sonny, real deal Lakers fan.

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  1. Yo Steve that is too Freshhh!. congrats. bless