Friday, February 19, 2010

My Interview on Remix Report

I just got back from spinning @ Shrine inside the MGM @ Foxwoods in Connecticut. I had a great time & got to do an interview with the homies DJ JD & DJ Jay Spring of Remix Report. I first checked their site out a couple of weeks ago & became a fan instantly. In a world where everyone wants to Dj but they don't know how, these guys are breaking it down to a Science & helping those that have no clue. They not only have in-depth analysis of club remixes but they break down the who, what, & how of it all. They asked me about my Conga Shake remix, Video Dj'n, & my thoughts on DJ AM. Peep the interview & don't mind my stuttering & slurring, I was kinda tipsy. Peep the interview HERE or watch the video below.

Episode 017 - Dj Steve1der Interview from Remix Report on Vimeo.

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