Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Man Al B. Sure is In Effect Mode...

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By Mr1derful

Here's a Re-Edit I did of Al B. Sure's Classic "Ooh This Love". I forgot about this track, until I heard it on Dj Duane's "V-Day Party Jam Mix" ( If you havent peeped Duane's mixes i suggest you do so Here . The track is erily romantic, heartfelt & oIssesive all at the same time. I'd been wanting 2 make a beat out of it, then one day my man E-Rock laces me with this E-40 joint, Competition. Its a replay of the "Oooh This Love", so 2 make a long story short, I mixed the two 2gether......

Al B. Sure - Ooh This Love (1der Edit)

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  1. All its missing is Ras Kass' lyrics from Anything Goes. LOL Sick Edit.